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"Deeply soulful and grooving...will be pretty much unstoppable." Blues Blast

" Jake Walker is a superb blues musician, his latest cd Confidence Man at times sounds like vintage Freddie King and at times blistering Ronnie Earl -but always Jake Walker...he is one of the very finest guitarist/singers anywhere." - Danny Bryant

"Some of the best tone in the world" Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine

"Guitar playing meaner than a boot full of barbed wire" Rob de Vries, BluesTrainFM, Holland

"His Les Paul has a beautiful tone, from which he pulls every drop of emotion" Blues In Britain

"NYC Blues Stalwart" Time Out New York

"An exceptionally good album from the little known bluesman, Jake Walker. Great soul/blues/R&B/funk music. The guy is a great guitarist and his experienced back-up band are tremendous."   An Overdose of Fingal Cocoa


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